Promotional Products

Drive loyalty and brand recognition responsibly

Merchandise and branded items may not have always had the best rep when for sustainability or ethical supply chains. But with us as your marketing execution partner, boosting your brand’s visibility won’t come at the cost of your ESG agenda. We source sustainable solutions and pride ourselves on an ethical supplier base.

Sustainably sourced to protect your reputation

We carefully manage all our UK and international suppliers for quality assurance, product safety and ethical practices. As a Sedex member, we’ve greater visibility of the whole supply chain, and each supplier’s commitment to responsible business.

Whether you want to put your ESG commitment front and centre, or simply make your branded items as high quality and sustainably as possible, we’ll find the best way to make it happen.

Our Promotional Product Services

Premia / Branded items / Corporate gifts / Merchandise

Setting a new standard in sustainable supply

We have long promoted the benefits of carbon-balanced paper, where the emissions created by print production are subsequently offset by global forest preservation.

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