Setting a new standard in sustainable supply

with carbon-balanced paper

Difference: needed

We have long promoted the benefits of carbon-balanced paper, where the emissions created by print production are subsequently offset by global forest preservation. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we saw the opportunity to make carbon-balanced paper the standard across our supply chain. We decided to offer our clients a more sustainable solution that would support their ESG objectives, while improving the quality and consistency of the products we offer.

Difference: added

By standardising the paper and board used in many of our products through a single supplier, we’ve achieved greater control over our purchasing. We’ve also improved paper usage reporting by applying material-specific carbon calculations to identify further potential cost and emissions savings. Full product carbon-impact reporting offers total transparency and reassurance to every client.

Difference: made

We have the capability to carbon balance paper for sheet-fed products at no additional cost to our clients. Just six months post-implementation, we carbon-balanced nearly 190 tonnes of CO2 and, through our partners at Carbon Footprint Ltd, planted 127 trees in the UK.