Modern slavery

Ensuring a fair way to work

At altavia.htt we respect every aspect of human rights. To that end, we are committed to ensuring that everyone in our operations and part of our supply chain is but treated fairly with dignity and respect.

The UK’s Modern Slavery Act now requires companies to publically detail their approach to preventing slavery in their operations and supply chain.

How altavia.htt deals with human rights

We seek to identify human rights issues in the way we work, our supplier relationships and our procedures – from individual to board and group level. By taking due diligence in our supplier contracts, we help to eliminate any risk of human rights abuse and tackle any vulnerabilities.

Our employees

  • We respect all employees’ human rights, whether they are working on a permanent, temporary or contract basis.
  • We do not allow forced, compulsory or child labour.
  • Our recruitment and promotion is carried out on the basis of qualifications, skills and merit.
  • We do not discriminate on race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability.
  • We will not tolerate harassment or bullying.
  • We seek to provide safe workplaces.

Our work

We agree to not undertake any work that abuses human rights or misleads the issues

Selecting ethical suppliers

At altavia.htt we set out to work with suppliers that act in an ethical way through all aspects of their business. This means they must take adequate measures, wherever applicable, to ensure:

  • Fair employment practices
  • Freedom of movement for employees
  • No child or forced labour
  • Non-involvement in bribery and corruption
  • Timely payment of suppliers
  • Healthy and safe working environment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Grievance procedures in place

We only accept suppliers after they have signed and dated these Ethics and Labour Standards to confirm that they will abide by our code of practice.

What our commitment means

  • We comply with all applicable human rights laws and standards.
  • Apply our principles regarding human rights issues to our policies, working practices and procedures.
  • Take steps to identify, prevent or address human rights impacts.
  • Elevate awareness and conduct training for our employees on human rights.
  • Enable employees and suppliers to report human rights concerns.
  • Publicise our Human Rights Policy Statement and regularly review and update our approach.

Why is slavery relevant to modern society?

Even though the practice was abolished in the UK over 200 years ago, vulnerable people continue to be entrapped into modern slavery.  As many as 10,000-13,000 victims are reported to be exploited by modern slavery, which can include being forced into unpaid or low paid labour.

For more information on our human rights and ethics policy please get in touch